Conferences and Seminars


Walsh, C. (2013) Creating a Space for Cooperation: Soft spaces, spatial planning and territorial cooperation on the Island of Ireland, AESOP/ACSP Joint Conference, Dublin, July 2013.

Walsh, C. Jacuiak-Suda, M. & Knieling, J. (2013) Soft spaces across the Fehmarnbelt: Territorial Re-shaping and Cross-border Region-building, Shape and be Shaped: The Future Dynamics of Regional Development, Regional Studies Association European Conference, Tampere, Finland, May 2013.

Walsh, C. & Knieling, J. (2013) Energie-Raumplanung oder Energie-Fachplanung?: Gestaltungsoptionen für ein nachhaltiges Landmanagement, Nachhaltiges Landmanagement Statuskonferenz, Berlin: April 2013 (organisierte Session).

Walsh, C. & Knieling, C. (2013)  Internationale Ansätze eines nachhaltigen Landmanagements, Nachhaltiges Landmanagement Experten Workshop, Berlin März 2013.


Jacuniak,-Suda, M., Walsh, C., Knieling, J., Othengrafen, F. (2012)  Metropolitan Governance through Soft Spaces: Insights from Hamburg Metropolitan Region, Governing the metropolis : Powers and Territories: New Directions for Research, Paris, November 28-30, Full Text

Walsh, C, Jacuniak,-Suda, M., Knieling, J., Othengrafen, F. (2012) Soft Spaces in Spatial Planning and Governance: Theoretical Reflections and Definitional Issues, Regional Studies Association European Conference, Delft: 13th-16th May, Full Text

Walsh, C. (2012) Spatial Planning, Cross-border Cooperation and River Basin Management: Learning from International Experience, River Basin Management Plans: Cross-Border Cooperation and the Role of Spatial Planning, ICLRD Policy and Practice Workshop, Monaghan, November 6th, (invited speaker) Presentations


ESPON Ireland, – Indicator Development and Monitoring for the National Spatial Strategy and Regional Planning Guidelines,  Policy and Practice Seminar, Dublin, 28th September, 2011 (organised with Dr. Cian O’ Callaghan, NIRSA) Seminar Report

ESPON Ireland – Work, Rest and Play: Planning for Functional Territories, Policy and Practice Workshop, Dundalk, 7th April, (organised with Dr. Cian O’ Callaghan, NIRSA) Workshop Report

Walsh, C. Creamer, C, Hetherington, Gleeson, J. Driscoll, J. Blair, N. (2011) Prospects for an Integrated Spatial and Environmental Development Perspective? Implementation of River Basin Management Plans in Ireland and Germany, Conference of Irish Geographers 2011: Restoring Balance: Towards A New Development Paradigm for Ireland, Limerick, May 2011.

Walsh C. & Allin S. (2011) Towards a Comparative Understanding of Strategic Spatial Planning Practices in Europe, Regional Studies Annual International Conference, Newcastle UK, April 2011.


Walsh, C. (2010) Processes of institutional change in strategic spatial planning: Theoretical reflections and insights from practice, Irish Social Sciences Platform Annual Conference, University of Limerick, December 2010.

Walsh, C. (2010) Territorial Politics and Formal Structures of Governance in Spatial Planning: Insights from the Dublin City-Region, Regional Responses and Global Shifts: Actors, Institutions and Organisations, Regional Studies International Conference, Pécs, Hungary, May 2010.

Walsh, C. (2010) Spatial Planning and Territorial Politics: Managing Urban Development in a Rapid Growth Context, Governance and Change at the Urban Fringe, European Urban Research Association Workshop, Oslo, May 2010.

Note: Selected conferences and seminars only (2010 – Present)


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